[Noisebridge-announce] 5 Minutes of Fame! Your chance to talk about your cats with a living audience! January 19th, 8PM at Noisebridge

Felix Sargent felix.sargent at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 22:36:09 UTC 2012

*You there! You look like you have something to say. Something that
deserves its own...*

* <http://5mof.net>*
Thursday, at San Francisco’s Noisebridge Hackerspace
8PM, January 19th,  2169 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Five Minutes of Fame (5mof) is a speaker series of lightning quick talks on
the interesting to the insane.  If you have an idea you want to get
feedback on, you are working on something cool, you have an opinion you
want to share, or your head is just filled with crazy thoughts that need to
be out there, this event is for you.

You can talk about nearly anything no matter how rough and crazy your ideas
are. The only limitation we will enforce is the time you have: 5 minutes,
not a second less, not a second more.

You don't need glitzy powerpoint, you don't need shiny stats. What you need
is to get your message down to max. 5 minutes. Please talk about your plans
for next year! Please talk about what you would want to do if you would
have the budget, the opportunity, the people!

Such talks have included:

   - Try my exercise belt
   - How I’ve learned Chinese in three months
   - Five Minutes of Web Frameworks
   - Make your own Holograms
   - Build your own AR-15

We’re looking for speakers and audience members! We have one hour to fill
with five minute speeches, which means 20 (!) speakers.
Sign up here! <http://www.5mof.net/signup>

You want more info? Checkout www.5mof.net/faq and

Flagellatingly yours,
Felix Sargent*
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