[Noisebridge-announce] Replicator Wednesday: This Wednesday at the SF Techshop 6PM-10PM July 11, 2012

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 11:21:01 UTC 2012

This week we're getting Replicator Wednesday hosted at the SF Techshop in

If you're in the area, come by and bring your RepRaps*, Makerbots,
Printrbots, Cubifys, Solidoodles, Shapercubes, Mosaics, BfB's, Ultimakers,
Stratasi, Z-Corpsy, and yes of course bring your Type A Machine Series1's!

If I left anythingy off that list, than bring it in and show it to me
(Miloh) for a photo-op and a chance to win a prize! If you don't got a
'bot, but you do gotta bot (ie. want to be 3d printing), then just bring
your bad self. We will show you how to slice and dice and fabricate objects
for 3D printing. We'll be there from 6PM to 10PM in the meeting room on the
Mezzanine floor, and the first 2 pizza pies are on me.

San Francisco's Techshop is at [926 Howard St] and you DO NOT need to be a
member to join us. Just put down the spool and the slic3r and come join us.
When you get there, tell the friendly staff that you are with the World
Domination 3D printing Society. Parking is free after 6PM in nearby areas
of SoMa.  You really ought to take BART or MUNI though, because nothing
beats taking a extra 2 seats with your Mendel Max. No one's going to fault
you taking some extra space for your big bad 80/20 'ellbot. Especially if
it talks or sings. If it talks or sings I give you TWO prizes.

One more time: Come to Replicator Wednesday at SF Techshop, July 11th,
2012.  6PM to 10PM*

Hope to see you there!
-Ronald Miloh Alexander

*family members of the reprap Darwin Mendel and Huxley are cataloged and
disqualified from sweepstakes.  3rd cousins and evil twins will be
considered on a case by case basis.
**we are very generous with our time since waiting on 3D prints has already

ps  Replicator Wednesday will return to Noisebridge on starting July 18th!
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