[Noisebridge-announce] Hackmeet is coming soon! October 20th and noisebridge!

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Fri Oct 5 02:06:52 UTC 2012

Hello fellow hacktivists!

This is an announcement from the Hackmeet organising group. the past few
months we have been working to bring Hackmeet 3.0 to light.
It has also come to light that another hacker conference, ToorCon will
be happening the same weekend, which will surely wane some of our audience.
We are pulling back our resources to what we know best, an unconference.
Our idea will still allow people to come together to share both hacker
and activist skills and hopefully build connections that will carry us
into the next year. Our idea is that we will have a one day event,
Saturday October 20th at Noisebridge, and truly embrace the unconference
spirit. From 11am-3pm There will be time for talks, and group
discussions on any topic people want. We encourage people who want to
present to show up, for any length of time. We will have 3 rooms
available for talks which if everyone wanted to give an hour long talk,
we could have at least 15 talks. More than enough for a days worth of
information. Then from 3pm-8pm (or longer) we will host skillshares and
work parties. This is a chance to get real traction and connect people
with different skill sets, We are considering skillshares ranging from
how to do legal support, to how to encrypt your email and work parties
for our more advanced folk to give time to work on developing software
to assist hackers and activists.

So please come if you are in town, we are expecting to have a lot of
fun, and hopefully these projects and work we do on October 20th can
inspire more of the same!

We would love to have everyone from Noisebridge come hang out and
participate (sign up for talks!) and make this event again as successful
as it was last year!

Love And Anarchy,

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