[Noisebridge-announce] Knownodes workshop ~ NoiseBridge, SF ~ Church room ~ Saturday, Sep. 8th, 18:30

dor garbash dor.garbash at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 15:59:18 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm very exciting to introduce Knownodes to Noisebridge, I've already had
discussion with some of you about possible mergers and projects that could
use or expand it. Let's talk, play, debate and make knowledge more
accessible to people.

*What will be in the workshop**:*

Knownodes <http://www.knownodes.com/> is an alternative method for sharing
and exploring knowledge and ideas on the web. It focuses on the giving
everyone the ability to create rich and interactive connections between
knowledge and ideas, allowing for different perspectives to be displayed

We will work together to create an open knowledge network depicting a
project or concept of your choice. The end result will be available online,
easy to share and modify.

Everyone is welcome! No technical background needed. The network building
part takes around 45 minutes. We will have time for discussion, ideation
and technical talk before and after.

The workshop will be run by Dor Garbash, a Phd student at the
CRI<http://www.cri-paris.org/en/cri/> and
one the creators of the platform.

*When*: Saturday, September 7, 18:30

*Where*: Noisebridge.

The day before, on Friday, Sep 6th 18:30, I'll be in Sudo room for a
technical workshop about using the graph database
Neo4j<http://www.neo4j.org/>in Knownodes, drop by if you're

See you there!

Get some insight of what makes me tick:
My twitter <https://twitter.com/#!/garbash>
Knownodes blog <http://knownodes.tumblr.com/>

Dor Garbash
108 Rue du faubourg du temple, Paris 75011
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