[Noisebridge-announce] Group for Light Patterns with LEDs and Arduino

Dan Cote terminationshok at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 10:13:41 UTC 2013

A gathering of lighting hackers. Learn how to make light dance and do your
bidding! We will make Arduino sketches to control multicolor LED pixels.

Tuesdays - 7:00pm till 9:00pm or whenever


Lighting can effect your mood. It can inspire awe, or make us laugh. It can
annoy people if done wrong. It can attract certain kinds of people. We will
learn about microcontrollers and how to program them. Build something cool,
then make it interactive. Add lights to your bike and make it visible.
Underlight your skateboard. Make your stage pulse with light and dance to
your music. Add interesting lighting effects to your favorite hackerspace!
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