[Noisebridge-announce] [zines & printing] Chapter 3 of NB-inspired megazine ZiP is now up in full!

The Whimsical Wizard of ZiP zfos at riseup.net
Sat Feb 9 07:33:48 UTC 2013

Behold, the damn-near-impossible has occurred: ZiP03 is finally done.
Like, for realsies. We're not sure why it took nearly 10 friggin' months
to finish this thing, but if it saves even just one life....


Print copies are/will soon be available for $7 apiece + shipping (if
applicable). That's 60 vivacious pages of pulsating zinetic verbosity,
with color covers + insert. (Batteries not included.) To order print
copies, send an email to ME, Whimzy, at this address, or
zipzine-at-riseup.net works as well. Print copies free to contributors. If
you're not sure whether you're a contributor or not....you might be.

We hope you will read/peruse/enjoy ZiP & talk about it with others. Also,
we're now holding weekly meetings Wednesday evening 8pm @ Noisebridge to
discuss zines, self-publishing, & the printshop that we're starting here
in the City, which everyone is invited to attend. Inquiries about the
meetings & printshop should likewise be sent to zipzine-at-riseup.net.

We're burnt to a crisp. Good night.


	List of Contents

Zx00+3	Front Cover: Scary Carousel
Zx0075 	End Credits / Crazier Than Heaven
Zx0076 	Opening Remarks by the Whimsical Wizard of ZiP
Zx0077	Q&A / Whimzy’s Background
Zx0078	83C: Where Noisebridge Was Born
Zx0079	Steal Toilet Paper / Poop Info Poster by Consenso
Zx007A	SEXY FEATURE: A Tour of Kink.com by +11+
Zx007B	Kink.com p2
Zx007C	Kink.com p3
Zx007D	Kink.com p4
Zx007E	Kink.com p5/END + the Retail $ of 50 gallons of lube
Zx007F 	Adopt-a-Squatter!
Zx0080	The Great Mouse Wars by Lizzard
Zx0081 	Gadget Report: Fisher’s AG-7 Space Pen by Adam Engelhart
Zx0082	How to Create a Satirical Board Game, by Teale Fristoe
Zx0083	Satirical Board Game p2
Zx0084 	Satirical Board Game p3/END
Zx0085	Great Names in Hackerdom: Hackers Behaving Badly
Zx0086	COLORPAGE: Tabloid Gossip
Zx0087	COLORPAGE: Photos from ToorCamp 2012!
Zx0088 	Maker Faire Seoul by Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck
Zx0089	Maker Faire Seoul p2
Zx008A	Maker Faire Seoul p3/END
Zx008B	Anarchafeminist Hackerhive, by Lizzard
Zx008C	Anarchafeminist Hackerhive p2/END
Zx008D	68K Assembler Code Program #1/Codepoem
Zx008E 	Tea Not Prison: the Trial of Oshan Cook by +11+
Zx008F	Shadowfolds / Tea Not Prison p2/END
Zx0090	ZiPCode v3: MacRelix by Josh Juran
Zx0091	MacRelix p2
Zx0092	MacRelix p3
Zx0093	MacRelix p4/END
Zx0094 	Non Sequitur News
Zx0095 	Is Noisebridge an Anarchist Hackerspace? by Danny O’Brien
Zx0096 	Anarchist Hackerspace p2
Zx0097 	Anarchist Hackerspace p3
Zx0098 	Anarchist Hackerspace p4
Zx0099 	Anarchist Hackerspace p5/END
Zx009A	SOMBER FEATURE: Geeks & Depression by Daravinne
Zx009B	Geeks & Depresssion p2  <<begin intermission>>
Zx009C 	COLORPAGE: Art by Dylan Frieday
Zx009D 	COLORPAGE: Art by Dylan Frieday
Zx009E	<<end intermission>> Geeks & Depression p3
Zx009F	Geeks & Depression p4
Zx00A0	Geeks & Depression p5
Zx00A1	Geeks & Depression p6/END
Zx00A2	The Zines, They Are a-Changin’ by Glamortramp
Zx00A3	Fan Mail (Letters to ZiP & Noisebridge) + Zine Review
Zx00A4	Firehouse: A Retrospective by Glamortramp (pt 1 of 2)
Zx00A5	Firehouse p2
Zx00A6	Firehouse p3
Zx00A7	Firehouse p4/END pt 1
Zx00A8	Firehouse Memories by Garlique O. Spacegirl
Zx00A9	Review: Screaming Meanie alarm clock by Adam Engelhart
Zx00AA	In Defense of Poetry: The Survivor by +11+
Zx00AB	CLOSER: The Night I Slept at Noisebridge by +11+
Zx00AC	The Night I Slept @ Noisebridge p2
Zx00AD	The Night I Slept @ Noisebridge p3/END
Zx00AE	Table of Contents (THIS PAGE)
Zx00-3	Back Cover: Himmel, Holle und Hackerspace

Fully linked list of contents at http://zine.noisebridge.net/zip/ch3

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