[Noisebridge-announce] hackathon wrap-up

Yan Zhu zyan at mit.edu
Mon Jan 28 08:14:06 UTC 2013

The 49-hr Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon at Noisebridge is finally over,
and I am not quite dead yet! I will be in like five sentences though, so
let's see if I can finish this email before then:

1. Hugs and thanks to Michael Toren, Shannon, and Tom for their help in
organizing the event and all the folks (Miloh?) who provided technical
assistance for the presentations. Also hugs to Ping, Jacob, Joseph, Alex
Newman, and Daniel {Jabbour | O'Brien} for giving kick-ass talks! Ping and
Robert are the winners of the Long-Haul Award for their incessant presence
throughout the hackathon.

2. Much love and appreciation to everyone who came by and hacked (which was
A LOT of people), facilitated thoughtful conversations, brought cookies, or
in any way contributed to a fun, productive, and inspiring atmosphere all
weekend long. I think Aaron would have been proud.

3. Please add to the event wiki!
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Aaron_Swartz_Memorial_Hackathon is a
record of everything that happened over the weekend, and is the starting
point for people to continue the projects that we worked on. Add links to
your github repos, demo sites, notes, blog entries, photos, etc.

Sorry to everyone who got the flu, but at least you can (almost) use RECAP
in Chrome now. Tradeoffs, right?


PS: I don't have posting permissions to announce, it seems. help plz.

PPS: Did you know that there's like a dozen more of these things going
on around
the world<https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Worldwide_Aaron_Swartz_Memorial_Hackathons>
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