[Noisebridge-announce] Seeed Studio Meetup on July 22, 2013

苏海燕 violet at seeedstudio.com
Thu Jul 11 03:56:00 UTC 2013

Hey noisebridge,

We'll have a Seeed Studio Meetup on July 22nd, at 18:00 in Church classroom.
(Seeed Studio is from Shenzhen, China. We provide open hardware as well as
help innovators turn ideas into products.)


It's a very casual meetup. Kevin (Interaction Designer & Senior Marketing
Manger of Seeed) and Eric (CEO of Seeed) will be there to chat with you.
We'd like to hear your complaints about our products and services, your
suggestions and ideas. 


We'll also show you some latest Seeed gadgets, which might sounds fun for
you. We'll provide free snacks and some T-shirts for you as well. 


Hope to see you there!



Sincerely yours,

Violet Su

Seeed Studio



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