[Noisebridge-announce] Rails class 6/18: Introduction to Active Record

Gabe Kopley gabe at railsschool.org
Thu Jun 13 15:58:37 UTC 2013

Hi, Noisebridge! We added a new class at  7pm on June 18, 2013

Introduction to Active Record

A Fascinating Survey of Rails' Beloved ORM

We're going cover Active Record hands-on and from the top down: querying, associations, scopes, validations, joins, eager-loading, transactions, and more.

All the material we learn will work with any database supported by Active Record.

Before class, please view [Active Record Queries in Rails 3](http://railscasts.com/episodes/202-active-record-queries-in-rails-3) by RailsCasts.

I'll set up a hangout and post the link in the whiteboard at 7.

RSVP here: http://www.railsschool.org/l/introduction-to-active-record
May The Force Be With You!

Best regards,
Rails School, http://www.railsschool.org

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