[Noisebridge-announce] March 30th Fundraiser - Hours and Inconvenience

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 17:14:48 UTC 2013

The fundraiser is fast approaching and will definitely consume the entire
space from the morning to the evening.

Hackitorium - Becomes the focal point of the party
Kitchen - Becomes even more of a kitchen, but with better food!
Turing - LED wonderland bliss, which will be stripped of all hacking
Church - Becomes a place for fundraiser-related events that cannot fit in
Library / Electronics table will be spared from the crazy, on paper at
least, but expect to be bombarded on all sides by noise, movement, and
crazy (DMZ-style).
Dirty Shop - Not being used for the event, but it would be unexcellent for
anyone to be using it during the event.  The whole idea is getting people
to donate to we can continue having a dirty shop available at all.  If you
have a project for the shop, expect people will want you out by 2pm at the
latest.  Morning is best!

--The 29th--
Expect people to cleaning for no reason.

--The 30th --
09:00   Expect overly excited people to ruin any of sort of quiet
productivity you'd hoped for.
12:00   Cleaning crews are officially all over the space and you will end
up having to leave.  Food is being prepared for 100+ people by at least 3 -
5 cooks.
14:00   NoiseJam begins noisily rehearsing in Church
15:00   Demonstrations are underway way and productivity is /dev/null
22:00   Clean up begins taking place
23:59   Clean up will mostly assuredly still be taking place
02:00   You get the idea, but I have no interest in being in the space this
late and still cleaning

--The 31st--
Our goal is for things to be back to normal in the morning!  We will meet
that goal valiantly.  Consider volunteering to help with cleanup at 10pm on
the 30th!  Thank you!

I will shut the party down if I have to for the sake of cleaning, but
assume Noisebridge will unavailable for anything productive
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