[Noisebridge-announce] Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon this weekend (Nov 8-10)

Yan Zhu yan at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 6 09:05:03 UTC 2013

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Hi all,

The 2nd Aaron Swartz Memorial Worldwide Hackathon is this weekend at
15 locations worldwide, including at the Internet Archive and
Noisebridge in SF (see schedule below). Come and help out with
projects for social/political reform, information freedom, preserving
our rights on the Internet, and making the world we want to live in.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether or not you code.

The weekend-long hackathon in SF kicks off with a ceremony in Aaron's
honor at the Internet Archive on Friday, followed by hacking
throughout the weekend at Noisebridge. You can see some of the
proposed projects here:

We already have plenty of people who've volunteered to lead projects,
teach crypto, and give presentations on technoactivism-related topics,
but it would be great to have a couple volunteers to help with A/V at
Noisebridge. (Namely, setting up the video feed to livestream our
hackathon to the other hackathon locations around the world.)

*SF Hackathon Schedule*

Nov. 8 (at the Internet Archive)

    5 pm: The Internet Archive opens for early hacking! I and possibly
others will be around to help people find projects to work on.
    6:30 pm: Reception starts at the Internet Archive.
    7:30 pm: Opening ceremony at the Internet Archive with talks from
Cindy Cohn (legal director of the EFF), Kevin Poulsen (editor of
Wired), Brewster Kahle (founder of the Internet Archive), and
hackathon project leads.
    9 pm - 10 pm: Open time for hacking. Bring your laptops!

Nov. 9 (at Noisebridge)

    11 am - ???: Hackathon starts up again at Noisebridge! We'll start
with more project presentations and then spend the rest of the day
working. Come by any time.
    4 pm: Impromptu cryptoparty.

Nov. 10 (at Noisebridge)

    11 am: More hacking at Noisebridge
    4 pm: DEMO TIME. Come demo what you've done over the weekend.
Afterwards we'll head across the street to the Sycamore for celebration.

You can find more info about the worldwide hackathon series at
http://aaronswartzhackathon.org. Email me if you have questions about
the SF event, or org at aaronswartzhackathon.org for info about other
locations worldwide.

Hope to see you there,
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