[Noisebridge-announce] Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon this weekend (Nov 8-10)

Yan Zhu yan at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 6 19:28:25 UTC 2013

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The fire was not in the main building, so it doesn't affect the hackathon.

On 11/06/2013 11:18 AM, Hilaire Nollette wrote:
> So Hey, I will be here at noisebridge for the event and to help
> setup... However I am concerned about the Fire last night at
> IA.org Do any of the scheduled activities at IA.org need to be
> moved to another locaton... Noisebridge is open for IA.org if
> necessarry... Please give us notice so we can plan around you...
> Thanks, Hilaire
> On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 1:05 AM, Yan Zhu <yan at mit.edu 
> <mailto:yan at mit.edu>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The 2nd Aaron Swartz Memorial Worldwide Hackathon is this weekend
> at 15 locations worldwide, including at the Internet Archive and 
> Noisebridge in SF (see schedule below). Come and help out with 
> projects for social/political reform, information freedom,
> preserving our rights on the Internet, and making the world we want
> to live in. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether or not you
> code.
> The weekend-long hackathon in SF kicks off with a ceremony in
> Aaron's honor at the Internet Archive on Friday, followed by
> hacking throughout the weekend at Noisebridge. You can see some of
> the proposed projects here: 
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Worldwide_Aaron_Swartz_Memorial_Hackathon_Series#Projects_to_Work_on.
> We already have plenty of people who've volunteered to lead
> projects, teach crypto, and give presentations on
> technoactivism-related topics, but it would be great to have a
> couple volunteers to help with A/V at Noisebridge. (Namely, setting
> up the video feed to livestream our hackathon to the other
> hackathon locations around the world.)
> *SF Hackathon Schedule*
> Nov. 8 (at the Internet Archive)
> 5 pm: The Internet Archive opens for early hacking! I and possibly 
> others will be around to help people find projects to work on. 6:30
> pm: Reception starts at the Internet Archive. 7:30 pm: Opening
> ceremony at the Internet Archive with talks from Cindy Cohn (legal
> director of the EFF), Kevin Poulsen (editor of Wired), Brewster
> Kahle (founder of the Internet Archive), and hackathon project
> leads. 9 pm - 10 pm: Open time for hacking. Bring your laptops!
> Nov. 9 (at Noisebridge)
> 11 am - ???: Hackathon starts up again at Noisebridge! We'll start 
> with more project presentations and then spend the rest of the day 
> working. Come by any time. 4 pm: Impromptu cryptoparty.
> Nov. 10 (at Noisebridge)
> 11 am: More hacking at Noisebridge 4 pm: DEMO TIME. Come demo what
> you've done over the weekend. Afterwards we'll head across the
> street to the Sycamore for celebration.
> You can find more info about the worldwide hackathon series at 
> http://aaronswartzhackathon.org. Email me if you have questions
> about the SF event, or org at aaronswartzhackathon.org 
> <mailto:org at aaronswartzhackathon.org> for info about other 
> locations worldwide.
> Hope to see you there, Yan 
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