[Noisebridge-announce] Rails class 9/24: Catch Up Day: Ruby and Programming Beginners Class (Level 1)

Sameer Siruguri sameer at railsschool.org
Wed Sep 18 06:45:17 UTC 2013

Hi, Noisebridge! We added a new class at  7pm on September 24, 2013

Catch Up Day: Ruby and Programming Beginners Class (Level 1)

This lesson introduces programming and Ruby to beginners, building on simple concepts and culminating in a basic understanding of object-oriented programming in Ruby.

## Pre-requisites

It will help you immensely to have installed Ruby on your machine. The best way to do this on a Windows machine is to use [RailsInstaller](http://railsinstaller.org/), and on a Mac OSX machine is to use [RVM](http://rvm.io/) (though if you're not doing serious Ruby or Rails development yet, you can use RailsInstaller on the Mac too.) Please contact the instructors via team [at] railsschool.org if you are having trouble using either of these. In general, a clean install is recommended if you run into trouble; on Windows, if you already have Cygwin Ruby installed, it's seriously recommended that you uninstall it.

## Course Material

The course material that will covered is available online - the lecture material is [available in HTML form](http://sameer.siruguri.net/railsschool-ruby/v2/index.html), and this material as well as the code we'll walk through is available on [Github](https://github.com/siruguri/railsschool-catchup-ruby).

RSVP here: http://www.railsschool.org/l/ruby-catchup-level1-sep-24
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