[Noisebridge-announce] Introduction to Python Reboot

Joseph Watters imjohsep at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 16:29:01 UTC 2013


This coming Wednesday, October 2nd, will mark the beginning of a new
Introduction to Python course. This time around the class will focus on
learning computer science with Think Python and, of course, Learning Things
the Hard Way with Zed Shaw. Classes will be held every Wednesday from 7-9
PM in the Church classroom with some reserved time for Q&A.

All are welcome, but prerequisite work must be completed before the
beginning of each class.

Ultimately, we will be working towards completing one very cool surprise
project by the end of the course, so those who can stick it out will come
away with some very exciting scripts.

Everyone interested in attending should visit
pycourse<http://pycourse.com/schedule/> (schedule
to be deployed shortly) for the class schedule and links to the first few
prerequisite assignments. Future updates will be posted there, along with
additional resources we will be using.

That's all for now. I look forward to a new year!

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