[Noisebridge-announce] The Noisebridge secretariat needs you!

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Thu Apr 3 03:52:08 UTC 2014

Folks, the Noisebridge secretariat is small. Over the last six months,
it has dwindled down to just one person (me). Halp plz!

Here are some specific things that I do. Please let me know if one of
them catches your fancy or sounds like your cup of tea.

You all know about this one. There's a list of members. Sometimes
people join, sometimes people leave. Someone needs to keep track. We
use some software tools for things, and perhaps we're going to add
more. It'd be great if the same person who keeps track of membership
is also responsible for account provisioning.

Did you know that the secretary is responsible for recording the
minutes of meetings or ensuring that they're recorded? Well it's true!
Board meetings too, and the meetings of the working groups. We also
need to keep track of the consensus items pipeline and commit changes
slash merge pull requests when they happen.

The <secretary at noisebridge.net> email account gets a bunch of email.
Most of it is from awesome folks who don't know about the discussion
list, and only a little is about our ties to the Bavarian Iluminati. I
like to reply reply with adorable messages, but sometimes I'm short on
adorable. I have some prefab templates which you're welcome to fork.

There are also some things which aren't secretary-related, but could
use some help.

Mail Moderation
When folks email the announcement list, someone needs to approve their
message. The more folks paying attention, the faster messages can get
approved. The discussion list also has moderators, and some have asked
for them to moderate.

Wiki malarkey
Know how much shock/porn gets posted to the wiki? If you want to find
out, you could add some of the popular pages to your watchlist, and
revert spammy changes. There's other administriva too. Enquire within.

Noisebridge is a charity. Sometimes people send us checks. Sometimes
there are administrative hoops to jump through to get money from a
particular source. I have a bit of a backlog of these.

Consensus & moderation training
Consensus is hard; moderating meetings is hard *and* draining. It's a
common complaint that our consensus participation isn't ideal. Do you
have knowledge and experience in these areas? You should share it.

We often call for mediation, but rarely have enough mediators. If
you're a lovely human being, you should help. If you're skilled in
mediation, you should help train others.

As you may be aware, we need money to pay rent and stuff. I don't
really understand it. If you do, we really need your help.

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