[Noisebridge-announce] GNOME and Linux kernel hackers visiting Thursday 7-9 PM

Christian Hergert christian at hergert.me
Wed Apr 9 16:22:14 UTC 2014

Hello Good Hackers and Makers!

The GNOME project is hosting it's West Coast Summit[1] in San Francisco 
this week! We have a range of contributors from across the Free Software 

We will be visiting your wonderful space for a couple of hours on 
Thursday (tomorrow) evening at 7:00 PM and would love for those of you 
who are interested in meeting and discussing Free Software to join us!

We will have a short introduction to Free Software and why we think it 
is important to our shared futures.

If you like, we would also be happy to give a short presentation on 
(almost!) anything you like related to our areas of expertise. Feel free 
to make suggestions on this thread and I'll monitor and see what we can do.

Our contributors have expertise in the following areas:

  * Kernel plumbing and device drivers (Linux and FreeBSD)
  * GPU drivers
  * init systems
  * bootloaders
  * user-space plumbing (libc, glibc, etc)
  * desktop implementors
  * Xorg, Wayland, Gtk+
  * documentation

and a lot more. So feel free to take the, albeit, short notice, to 
suggest some ideas and I'll be happy to make it happen.

Happy Hacking,

   Christian and Cosimo

[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Events/Hackfests/WestCoastSummit2014

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