[Noisebridge-announce] Hacker teams wanted for Power Racing Series (Makerfaire San Mateo)

Madelynn Martiniere madelynn at theideaengine.org
Thu Apr 10 22:11:34 UTC 2014

Every envisioned yourself racing a tiny electric car in front of adoring 
fans at Makerfaire?

Of course you have!

Pow-Pow Power Racing Series (PPPRS) is coming to Makerfaire San Mateo 
(May 17-18) and is looking for teams of hackers to participate.

Teams must have a minimum of 3 participants (a driver, a mechanic, and a 
volunteer). There is no upper limit to how many team members you can 
have. Hackers build upon a Power Wheels car to be race-worthy - for 
under $500.

Each team can enter as many cars as they want, though it's suggested 
that they submit no more than two.

If you're interested in signing up but don't have a team, contact me. If 
you have a team already, sign up on the site: 

Race for the glory of your hackerspace! It's an absolute blast.


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