[Noisebridge-announce] Rails class 1/28: Introduction to CoffeeScript

Gabe Kopley gabe at railsschool.org
Wed Jan 22 19:55:16 UTC 2014

Hi, Noisebridge! We added a new class at  7pm on January 28, 2014

Introduction to CoffeeScript

Getting started with CoffeeScript for folks of all experience levels.

CoffeeScript is a pleasant language that compiles to JavaScript, the universal language of the browser.

We will play with CoffeeScript on its own - no Ruby! No Rails! Just Coffee.

Before class, please install CoffeeScript by following [these instructions](http://coffeescript.org/#installation).

If you want a head start, check out [A Sip of CoffeeScript](http://coffeescript.codeschool.com/levels/1), an interactive tutorial from Code School.

I'll post a google hangout link in the whiteboard at 7pm.

RSVP here: http://www.railsschool.org/l/intro-to-coffeescript
May The Force Be With You!

Best regards,
Rails School, http://www.railsschool.org

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