[Noisebridge-announce] Intro to Computers, August 10, 3pm

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 22:56:31 UTC 2014

I am teaching a one-time class on introductory computer topics! Ideas

   - The differences between desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones
   - What an operating system is, and the differences between them
   - What file types and extensions (.doc, .html) are
   - How to manage files and folders
   - How to use context (right-click) menus
   - What a web browser is
   - How to use a search engine
   - Making the most of free online services
   - Signing up and using social networks
   - Tips for staying secure online
   - Avoiding scams and malware
   - What RAM, disk space, CPU, etc. are
   - What to look for when buying a computer

*When is the class?*
I will be teaching the class on Sunday, August 10 at 3:00 PM. I expect the
class will last for up to two hours.

*Where is the class being taught? *
The class will be taught at Noisebridge. The address is:

2169 Mission St.
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110

The gate to the space should be open while the class is in session. If not,
you can read up on getting into the space here:

*Should I bring a computer?*
It would be ideal if you could bring a laptop with Wi-Fi. Noisebridge
doesn't have too many public computers to use. If you do not have a
computer to bring, you might want to email the Noisebridge-discuss list
asking if anyone has one to borrow, or you can take notes by watching what
I do on my projected display.

*What do I need to know?*

This class is taught in English. You should be able to type (slowly is
okay). Otherwise, no prior knowledge of computers or the Internet is

*How much does this class cost?*

This class is free, as are all classes taught at Noisebridge. You do not
need to register or RSVP - just show up!

*Why are you teaching this class?*

I teach another class on Front-end Web Development at Noisebridge, and
occasionally, some of the material is too difficult to understand by those
who have not spent a lot of time using computers.

As part of the Class-A-Thon I am helping run as a part of Noisebridge's
Reboot, I am happy to spend more time teaching and inviting people to
understand more about technology.

*How can I keep informed about the class?*

If anything changes, you can check this page for any updates:

I will also send emails to the Noisebridge-announce mailing list, so you
might consider subscribing to it:

*I have a friend/relative with no access to computers and/or the Internet.*

Please print this email out and give it to them! You should not need to own
a computer or Internet connection to understand how to use them.

*How can I get more information?*

Please reply to this email with any questions.
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