[Noisebridge-announce] Class-A-Thon announcement: intro to Kinect development

David Molnar dmolnar at dmolnar.com
Tue Jul 29 04:22:28 UTC 2014


As part of the Class-A-Thon, I will be offering an "Introduction to Kinect
Development" class on Sunday 10 August at Noisebridge from 5PM - 8PM. We'll
meet in the Church classroom. We will cover basics of Kinect for Windows
development, both with the "V1" sensor and the new, just released "V2"
sensor. I will bring a few sensors for people to borrow but I encourage
people to bring more.

I will also do a "dry run" Saturday 9 August at 7:30 PM, also in Church
Everyone is welcome at both, but if you can only make one, come Sunday.

Details here, including what you should bring and downloads to pre-install:

If you think you may want to come, please RSVP with Eventbrite (free):

If you know about taking the results of a 3D scan and 3D printing them, let
me know.
If you know something about Linux drivers for Kinect and you want to help
teach, let me know that too.

Thanks to Jeffrey for organizing Class-A-Thon logistics and to Naomi and
the other people at Noisebridge who are running the reboot!

David Molnar
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