[Noisebridge-announce] Fwd: Noisebridge closed for a month; space for Front-end Web Development class needed

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 21:29:32 UTC 2014

Hi WebDev and Noisebridge-announce!

As you will see from the forwarded email, Noisebridge will be closed from
July 1 to August 1. This partially coincides with my upcoming vacation,
which will have me out of the state from June 28 to July 13.

This means I will need to find a temporary space to teach the lecture for
July 14, 21, and 28, and hold lab for July 17, 24 and 31.

This series has recently just begun, and so far it's attracted about 25
people to the lectures, and 10 to the lab. For the lecture, I make use of
an Internet connection and a projector, while for the lab I just need a
whiteboard. Students are usually situated at tables to place their laptops
on. The class is free to attend.

If you know of any places in San Francisco - preferably in the Mission or
SOMA - that would be open to host a class of this size and duration, please
contact me and/or feel free to forward this message along!

Thank you in advance, and I wish the best to all those involved in
improving Noisebridge during its closure!


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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge needs to Upgrade and Reboot.
Will be closed July 1-Aug 1.
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Greetings, friendly programs and users.

    This past Tuesday's meeting was an interesting one.  Meeting Notes:


    As you all are probably aware, Noisebridge has received a notice from
the city that we must bring our electrical infrastructure up to code.
Electrician Tim gave us an overview of some of Noisebridge's serious safety
problems that probably won't impress an inspector.  There are some major
safety hazards-in-waiting and some original wiring that was not up to code
when it was first done.

    As part of the remedy process, we need to get two electrical
inspections from the city. Since the inspector could easily declare other,
non-electrical violations, Noisebridge needs to appear as safe as possible.

    Following the electricians' recommendation the space will be closed to
regular activities and non-essential persons for about 1 and half months
(see "what you can expect" below). This is due to the safety hazards of
exposed panels and wiring, general trip hazards and keeping
works-in-progress stable until completion.

    The proposed repair plan:

 * Fix major red flag issues in late June to prep for a Survey Inspection:

 * Address anything that would risk additional inspections.

 * Clean up the whole space as much as possible.

 * Fix glaring electrical issues.

 * Survey Inspector will let us know what we absolutely must fix; could be
a long or a short list. (Neil & Tim made a list of all possibilities of
what could be on that list, so we won't be surprised.)

 * Electricians will oversee Noisebridge DIY working groups to fix "must
fix" items.

  * Get it all done by end of July, with spillover time allowed in August.

  * Book the "real" inspection, which happens whenever it happens.

    What you can expect as a visitor of any kind (Member, Associate Member,
or guest):

        * June 23rd - 30th: "soft close" to allow work to be done to prep
for Survey Inspection
        * July 1st: "hard close" - major cleanout of the space (necessary
to allow all electrical work to be done)
        * August 1st: "soft reopening" - work will still be in progress,
but guests will be allowed.
        * August 15th: Grand Reopening and Kickass Fundraising Party to
benefit the Noisebridge Reboot.

    The repairs that should be done by C-10 certified electricians were
ballparked at $10-15K, with the estimate to be updated after the first
survey with the City Inspector.  Many of their enumerated repairs will be
presented as DIY-friendly, and the cool thing is that they're willing to
oversee a team of handy Noisebridge volunteers to work on that class of

    Since Noisebridge has Consensed to be Open to Members and Associate
Members, any such person can come to the space during this time (especially
if you're coming to help!).

    However -- these are big howevers:

* Due to the nature of this kind of work, we will have to bar people from
entering the space during certain swaths of time. Keeping the top door
locked (as the Security Working Group has already been discussing for a few
months) will be considered an option.

* There may be signs when you arrive saying that the space is presently
unsafe, or that areas are closed to anyone who is not working on it. Please
look for these signs!  If you're found in Noisebridge during especially
hazardous work times, the "ask the leave" policy will be invoked regardless
of your purpose for being there.

* Noisebridge can't be in its usual entropic state. Hallways must be clear,
exits must be completely accessible, the kitchen needs to be spotless, and
so on. This stable environment needs to be maintained for the duration of
the work. Anything less risks further inspections, possible inspection
failures, and the consequences of failing such inspections.

    We don't have the specific, itemized reports from the electricians yet
-- that is coming at the next Tuesday meeting.  There are many unknowns in
this process, and we would like those who are actively participating to
remain vigilant and on point, and those who are not actively participating
to be patient and understanding.

    Noisebridge will not be available for classes during the month of July.
 We will do our best to help class teachers make other arrangements during
the month of July.  If you know of a San Francisco local space where
classes can be held for free, please let us know or email the list with
information.  If you are currently holding a class at Noisebridge, please
contact daravinne or naomi and let us know what assistance you may need.


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