[Noisebridge-announce] Lab: Front-end Web Development, Thursday 8pm

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 15:19:56 UTC 2014

On Monday, we took a crash course directly into floats. This is always a
somewhat difficult class, so it's understandable if you only come away half
understanding what floats do.

The code behind the mockup we saw in class can be found here:

And if you want to finish up what I was writing in class, we left off here:

The video for the class is here:

This week's assignment has you creating a similar page from a mockup, along
with assets and annotations:

The lab is a great opportunity to work on the assignment, any other
personal or group project, or ask questions about any aspect of web
development. You don't need to attend the lecture series to stop by.

It's in Turing (not the lecture classroom) on Thursday at 8pm. Hope to see
you there!

P.S. yet another reminder: no class on June 30 and July 7, or lab for those
weeks. Lectures and labs will be held for the reminder of July at Lab Zero:

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