[Noisebridge-discuss] intro to jim

jim jim at well.com
Mon Aug 11 03:47:09 UTC 2008

   hello, i'm jim. i like linux, know a little 
bit about electronics (enough to lament the 
advent of surface mount chips, they seem hard 
to solder), know a bit about programming and 
system administration, live in san francisco, 
have no pets, am in an old school punk rock 
band called the nubs (KUSF liked and still 
sometimes plays cuts from our CD), and am 
interested in the nb effort to get a place: 
   i have some construction skills (can bend 
EMT pipe and pull wires and set up sub-panels 
for regular old split-phase 110/220 and even 
three phase). once upon a time i was actually 
good with an airless paint sprayer and also 
brushes (don't like rollers much). when i do 
drywall, it doesn't look great, but a lot of 
people don't seem to notice the troughs and 
warps and dimples.... i can fix most toilets 
and do some plumbing (copper, soil pipe, 
simple fixture stuff). 
   i own a PA system and some microphones and 
a protools recording set up. 
   i live in san francisco and hate parking. 
i also hate commuting, tho' i seem to drive 
a lot. 
   i like to be helpful. 

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