[Noisebridge-discuss] Place viewing notes

David Alexander Molnar dmolnar at EECS.berkeley.EDU
Mon Feb 25 03:41:23 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

Andy, Mitch, and I had a chance to check out a few spaces today. Here are 
some notes from the experience. I'll put them on the wiki later.

Andy, Mitch, please elaborate or correct.

* 7 Grace Street, 1900 sq. ft. $2300/mo.

This is a low building just off Mission near 10th street; we looked at the 
outside only. Andy took photos of the roof by heroically climbing a nearby 
electrical pole. Currently occuped by something called "got light?" . Has 
residential neighbors to one side and rear, has a small warehouse to other 
side. While the residential proximity is a concern, only one is close and 
that's on the roof side. We should probably set up a viewing and see if 
this space is still available.

* Guitar World Basement (9th and Mission)
$2500/mo, 5000 sq. ft.

We then walked by the former Guitar World at 9th and Mission. The door was 
open, so we went in and asked to see the basement space. The two people 
running the mattress store, "David" and "Mike"(?) graciously let us in.

The space is a clean and _dry_ basement (yes, even with the heavy rains). 
The basement was previously used by a mattress foam company, and before 
that for holding Guitar World stock. Some key points:

- Well-lit, but no windows
- Concrete floor
- Sprinklers
- Gas
- Excellent electrical 
- Wired for net access
- Cell phones work in the space

The main issues were after-hours access and ventilation. While there is 
some air circulation to the street, we'd have to add fans of some kind. 
The current entrance to the space is through the mattress store; while 
there is a freight elevator, it can't be operated from the street level.
We talked to the people there about the possibility of building a foyer to 
allow separate entry. They were fine with the idea but said to talk with 
"Pete", the owner.

A second issue was that the space has no restroom. It does have plumbing, 
so we could add one (and a shower), but this would be an additional 

Overall the price is right here, but the ventilation, access, and shower 
increases the upfront cost.

* ??? Mission
415 268 2218
3000 sq ft. , $3300/mo

Andy found this place on Craigslist. It appears to be the back half-floor 
of the ground floor in a building. Neighbors are residential, but across 
the street and back from the street. Has ventilation, has a loading dock 
and parking. (Currently being used as car storage.) Looks like worth 
scheduling a viewing.

* 1345 Mission
650 697 1151

We walked past a storefront at 1345 Mission with a "FOR RENT" sign. This 
storefront appears to have no residential neighbors. From looking in the 
window, the space appears to be a bottom floor (~1200 sq ft??) with an 
enclosed mezzanine. We also noticed ADA compliant bathrooms. Will have to 
call the owner to figure out the price. It's across the street from an art 
gallery and down the street about a block from CounterPULSE.

* 1131 Mission
415 288 7846

This building is next door to a vacant lot left by a fire and subsequent 
demolition of another building. The other neighbor is building with a 
parking garage and auto repair. Building has two floors; bottom floor has 
a storefront

* 16th and Mission, top floor
415 885 6970

Finally, we just noticed a sign "FOR RENT" on the top floor of a building 
at 16th and Mission. We don't know what the space parameters are yet, but 
the location is good - it's literally across the street from the BART 

-David Molnar

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