[Noisebridge-discuss] Club Mate?

Lee Sonko lee at lee.org
Thu Jul 23 23:20:20 UTC 2009

From: Rodney Thayer
>So... just to confirm... there isn't a known pre-existing SF-based Club
>import project other than this throw-down-for-a-pallet conversation?

Mitch and I have been working on bringing a large quantity of Club Mate to
the west coast. The only other importer is 2600 in New York. I've been
speaking with people at the Loscher brewery as well as some freight
forwarders. Mitch has been speaking to the folks in New York. 

The more that is shipped, the less expensive it gets. But there are some
fixed costs like customs and FDA paperwork that make it unreasonable to have
a small quantity shipped.

I should have detailed prices in about a week from Germany. The freight
forwarder will take another 1-2 weeks with paperwork. Then 1-2 weeks to line
up some shipping, then 0-3 weeks to line up financing, 1 week trucking,
30-45 days on a ship, 1 week in customs.... so I might have Club Mate here
for Christmas.

A big question is "how much Club Mate should we get". Buying a single 800
bottle pallet will go a long way to figuring out the answer and whetting our
taste buds!


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