[Noisebridge-discuss] viewing report: oddfellows basement

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Sat Jun 20 05:00:12 UTC 2009

This afternoon I visited the basement of the Oddfellows building, at the
corner of Market and 7th St.

 * available starting November (vacant now, unclear why the delay)
 * quoted at 9ksf
 * asking somewhere around $0.50/sf/mo
 * newly painted, 1 bath newly built
 * 6 story building + basement (we're looking at the basement)
 * concrete floors, concrete walls
 * 8' clear to the beams / ducts, 10' to the ceiling in many areas
 * fluorescent lights installed (not the worst, not the best)
 * basically no natural light or windows
 * separate entrance from rest of building (not entirely private, but
   mostly) with key access
 * elevator available for move-in/move-out (with operator!)
 * Cingular GSM cell on building, equipment in locked closet in basement
 * fairly good electical, upgrades possible
 * floor floods about one year in three with 1"-6" of water
 * building manager onsite 3 days / week
 * about 80 feet from Civic Center BART (closer than 83c, if possible)
 * scary-ass neighborhood though not as bad as 6th/Market
 * late night food available nearby
 * fabulous period details in elevator and stairwell
 * crazy secret societies upstairs
 * no kitchen
 * reasonable ventilation (all new HVAC throughout)
 * 2 egress exits

There are definitely pluses and minuses, but it's an impressive square
footage for an absurdly low $/sf rate.  We're going to have another
viewing next week, either Wednesday or Thursday around 4PM; please email
me off-list if you're interested in attending. 


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