[Noisebridge-discuss] myvu shades donated to noisebridge

David Molnar dmolnar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 05:29:13 UTC 2009

hey all,

I've donated a pair of myvu shades, an iPhone to 3.5mm adaptor, additional
cables, and a carrying case to noisebridge. They were on the kitchen table
last I checked -- the boxes have noisebridge pictures on them. please enjoy
and hack!

These glasses are a little unusual in that they place the field of vision
low enough that the effect is like bifocals. You look down and see the
screen, then look up and see the normal field of view.

The glasses take composite video input. I've had some experience driving my
pair off a jailbroken iPod Touch. Thanks to Ani for pointing out
ScreenSplitr, which mirrors the ipod/iphone display to the TV out. I spent
the other day running errands in my neighborhood driving the Touch off my
phone's 3G-to-wifi gateway, then using the glasses. Landscape Twitter works
reasonably well (but needs bigger text), as does the mobile site for
mlb.com. It's kind of fun to watch the game scores while shopping and
I only walked
into a wall once.

David Molnar
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