[Noisebridge-discuss] RV leaving time (Toorcamp)

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Jun 30 05:36:50 UTC 2009


We're either taking the RV up to ToorCamp late tomorrow (Tuesday, June
30th) or very very early Wednesday (July 1st).

Our preference is to leave late tomorrow night. We need to ensure that
everyone has their shopping done and that they're all loaded by the evening.

So far we have:
grey, myself, Jonathan, Joaquin, Billy and Jonas.

If you're coming in the RV, how does a departure time of 21:00 tomorrow
night sound? If you're not listed and expect a ride, please reply and
tell everyone ASAP. Additionally, if you want someone to mule your
things up to the camp, please also ensure that we know this as soon as
is possible.


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