[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge/Hologlyphics Grant Proposal update

Walter Funk marybraindoe at yahoo.com
Tue May 26 18:17:13 UTC 2009

Hi Noisebridge,

    Back in December 2008 Noisebridge and myself submitted a letter of intent to the Creative Work Fund, to see if they had interest in inviting us for a full grant proposal. This is to hold a series of workshops at Noisebridge revolving around creating art on 3D displays, viewable without special glasses. This work will be shown at an art show.

   In March we were invited for a full proposal. Mitch is my point person for this project, I've been updating him on it's progress. I now have an almost finished proposal, and would like to run it by Noisebridge for feedback, comments, and to see if I represented Nosiebridge's voice accurately.

   After we were invited for the full proposal, I have refined the workshop process and other aspects, recently held a preliminary workshop, plus have been working closely with our fiscal sponsor, Independent Arts and Media. Indy Arts & Media have provided great guidance in all aspects. I’d like to thank Indy Arts,  Noisebridge, Mitch and the folks who came to the spatial imaging workshop last week.

   During the hands on workshops, 3D art will be created and recorded. We will also build a very elegant 3D display, quite simple in design. After meeting with several interested Noisebridge members, I chose the very simple design for construction, to ensure it's technical success. This will be more for hands on experience than developing complex technology. The project will last two years, in the end we’ll have a public art show. All technical work developed for this project will be non-commercial in nature and open source.

   I made a promise to Noisebridge that I’d cover all the work related to this grant project. Noisebridge would only support this project as it does for its own member’s projects, by providing the workspace, basic resources available to members, and hosting workshops. 

   The grant would cover expenses of the workshops, costs occurred by Noisebridge for hosting the project(based on membership dues), materials for the displays, rental of a temporary workspace for a three month creative period, my basic living costs for the three month creative period, and costs related to the art show. Indy Arts & Media will manage the actual funds, as this is one of their functions.
   The proposal is now in the final stages, so I'm posting a link to the current version & budget for approval and feedback. It differs from the letter of intent because it’s an actual proposal, plus the collaboration, workshop structure and other aspects are now defined in detail. Working with Indy Arts & Media and holding the preliminary workshop helped refine these details, as well as the feedback from Noisebridge. I’ve done my best to represent Noisebridge as accurate as possible.

Here is the current version of the proposal and budget:



   For anyone who has not seen my 3D display & art yet, it will be at the Maker Faire this weekend. There are also several technical papers on my site, for those interested.

   The proposal is due on June 3rd. I’ll be at the meeting tonight to update everyone in person. 

   This week Indy Arts & myself will be refining details & adding a few overlooked items, so if anyone has feedback, comments or questions, please post them to this discussion list.



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