[Noisebridge-discuss] Letter of support for Holo/NB grant

Walter Funk marybraindoe at yahoo.com
Tue May 26 23:26:37 UTC 2009

Hi Noisebridge,

    Separate from the grant proposal mentioned in my earlier posting, the fiscal sponsor would like for NB to submit a letter of support for the Hologlyphics/Noisebridge Grant. Just a simple letter stating we can work together at Noisebridge if the grant is awarded.

   If unclear about the grant, please see the other email I sent out earlier today.

   Below is a draft, hope it is clear enough, please let me know if there should be any changes. I'll be at the meeting tonight for the letter's approval.


Dear Independent Arts and Media,

Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning. We provide infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for people interested in programming, hardware hacking, all kinds of art, and, of course, technology. Through talks, workshops, and projects we encourage knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring. As a space for artistic collaboration and experimentation, we are open to all types of art - with a special emphasis on the crossover of art and technology. We are supported through individual member’s dues.

Noisebridge is in the process of submitting a grant proposal to the Creative Work Fund, along with artist Walter Funk. This grant will fund a series of workshops, consisting of art creation, building of a 3D-display system, and finally a public art show. The name of this project is Hologlyphic Birth.

If The Creative Work Fund awards us this grant, Noisebridge will be able to host the resultant workshops and provide workspace to Walter Funk in a manner no different than it currently provides for it’s individual members. Walter will not be a member of Noisebridge, with all the general privileges as members, and only be provided support for this specific project, Hologlyphic Birth. Walter Funk will wholly be responsible for organizing the workshops, the educational content, producing the final art show plus all programming and technical work for the 3D displays.

A portion of the grant will cover Noisebridge’s overhead expenses to provide such space. This amount will be equal to individual membership dues, to cover the time period of this project, spanning two years. Any financial expenses relevant to this project, including the workshops and art show will be covered by the grant. All Noisebridge members will be welcome to participate in the workshops and art event.

We are in support of the Hologlyphic Birth grant project, workshops, art creation and art show.

Thank You,


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