[Noisebridge-discuss] The Deal is Sealed! ATX Hackerspace has leased a new location...

Felipe Sanches juca at members.fsf.org
Fri Aug 6 23:35:30 UTC 2010

FYI: I am helping to setup a new hackerspace in São Paulo, Brazil. We
currently have 2 proposals for the name: simply "Hackerspace São Paulo" or
"Garoa Hack Club". ("Garoa
" means drizzle. Our city used to be known by its drizzle) We already have
15 founding members willing to pay R$ 100,00 (equivalent to something around
56 us-dollars) per month for the initial 6 months in order to bootstrap it.

This initiative is a consequence of a presentatino that I gave at the free
software studies group at University of São Paulo reporting my trip to USA
last march (Noisebridge, HackerDojo, MITERS, MIT FabLab) and last june to
Europe (/tmp/lab and LasuiteLogique in Paris, SLUG in Amsterdam,
LondonHackspace in London, C-base and CCC in Berlin, CCC in Cologne, BXLHS
in Brussels).

On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 8:25 PM, Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com> wrote:

> (so's to find it on the map) in what city?
> That's what i was thinking! (and country).  :)
> I thought. Oh, this is Ace Monster Toys, but I couldn't grock how 'ATX'
> could fit that.....  Alemeda also threw me off... Then, I thought, maybe
> it's not close.. Then, I thought, "Maybe it's not in California..." And,
> then, "Maybe not in the States" --  I was around the Andromeda
> Galaxy/Messier 31 before I gave up.
> Glen
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> Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it;
> boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.
> -- Goethe
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