[Noisebridge-discuss] hacking digital camera/binocular combo

d p fenn weasel at meer.net
Sun Jul 25 14:35:59 UTC 2010

jim <jim at well.com> writes:

>    oddly, the camera "sees" the computer: if  <---- 
> connected, it stays on; if unconnected it turns 
> itself off. 

this usually means that the device is getting power from the usb. host
controllers can disable the line for mis-behaving devices, but otherwise
there's a max per device draw of ~500mA at ~5V.

if you see nothing from dmesg about enumerating bus/hub/whatever then
i'd check that the cable works w/ something else just to be sure that
d+/d- are working (vbus and gnd seem to be working).

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