[Noisebridge-discuss] FOIA workshop with the EFF at Noisebridge, April 1 8pm

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Sun Mar 7 00:53:23 UTC 2010


Noisebridgers and the EFF have worked together on a number of projects, and
want to do more. To this end, Marcia Hofmann has offered to host a workshop
on FOIA requests. For those unfamiliar, FOIA or Freedom of Information Act,
is a method by which US citizens can request previously unreleased
information and documents controlled by the United States government. In
other words, you can send a request to the agency of your choice, and find
out what they know about you.

On April 1 at 8pm at Noisebridge, she's going to give an overview on what
FOIA is, how it works, and have some Q&A. And then anyone who's interested
in can do some of the paperwork to file their own requests, under the
guidance of the EFF.

This looks like it will be pretty cool, and we're going to try to record the
overview part so people who miss it can also get informed. If you can make
it, it's a valuable opportunity to get to ask questions to Marcia, who knows
a LOT about this process.

Hope to see you there!
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