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Fri Mar 26 20:51:44 UTC 2010

Hey kids,


I saw this blog post, and decided we need to act.

For those unfamiliar, Notacon (aka Northern Ohio Technology and Arts
Conference) is held in Cleveland, Ohio in mid April, and are host to a ton
of cool events: "blockparty" where they show cool demos, hardware hacking,
"Whose Slide is it Anyways" (based on the similarly named TV show), a
conference long radio broadcast, and more. It's a fun, positive event where
all ages are welcome.

I've been to Notacon five times, and spoken there three times. There are two
traits that have followed it through the years: they're always hosting some
of the most creative cutting edge stuff, and they're always broke. It's kind
of painful to see Froggy and Tyger (who founded/run the conference) keep
losing money year after year, but they keep it going because they love it.

So I propose that Noisebridge sponsors Notacon this year. There's already a
fairly large group of people from Noisebridge attending and/or speaking, so
it makes sense to support the extended hacking/making community however we
can. They have several tiers of sponsorship, and I'm thinking the $1000
"Creative Contributors" makes the most sense and helps them a lot. (
http://www.notacon.org/publicity/Notacon2010Sponsorship.pdf for more

I personally cannot make the conference this year due to schedule conflicts,
but I encourage others to attend, speaker, and support them. If for some
reason Noisebridge decides against sponsoring Notacon (on any level, not
just the one I proposed), I will be making my own contribution instead,
because they're a damned good cause.

What does everyone think?

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