[Noisebridge-discuss] Unlocking the door via SMS

Jeffrey Malone ieatlint at tehinterweb.com
Wed Mar 10 23:54:52 UTC 2010

What about creating a dual system, allowing people to use a passphrase
entry system (that we could also use for simply accessing a web
interface -- enter in this week's key to the website or via sms), and
create an ACL of known telephone numbers that will work without the
It'd be pretty simply to create a method of adding a phone number to
an ACL, but require they either have an account on pony or be
connected to our internal network.  As google voice already logs all
messages, the exposure of privacy would not be realistically increased
-- those wishing to keep their phone numbers entirely private would
not want to use this method anyway.

I think it's a good idea, personally... and could prove pretty
awesome.  Especially as we get more automation going in the space, we
can expand it to provide more information... essentially hijack it as
a shortcode.

For those who want to get paranoid, however, I will also point out
that an sms-based entry system will inherently log who enters at what
time.  As it would be entirely opt-in, I personally see no problem
with this...


On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 2:03 PM, Micah Lee <micahflee at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 1:54 PM, Ani Niow <v at oneletterwonder.com> wrote:
>> Jeffery and I set up a Google Voice account for this very purpose
>> though neither of us did anything with it yet.
>> The number is 415-76-DRAMA if you want to use it.
> The Google Voice number I got has H4X0R in it...
>> This does bring up some security issues however. We were just talking
>> on IRC about the possibility that anyone, anywhere could open the door
>> with or without anyone already being in the space which some people
>> were concerned about. How would your implementation address this?
> On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 1:58 PM, Jacob Appelbaum <jacob at appelbaum.net> wrote:
>> It's also possible to have the script only open the door if the user
>> knows a shared secret. We could put up a display in the space with "this
>> weeks sms password" for the door - this should stop random people from
>> opening the door if they have zero connection to the space. It should
>> however let new people leave and come back quite easily when they go out
>> for food. Perhaps well before they've been gifted a key...
> Jake's idea of a shared secret could work. Right now the script only
> unlocks the door if you text it "open sesame", but it would simple
> enough to change that phrase each week. And the shared secret can be
> posted in the space somewhere.
> micah
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