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nathan vasil vasiln at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 16:27:47 UTC 2010

Howdy all!

Writing a self-introduction in hopes of finding friendly-ish teachers.

My name's Nathan.  I moved to Oakland recently from Portland OR.  I'm an unemployed RN, enjoy playing with stuff, and if I'm an expert in anything, it's probably in dealing with crazy folks :)  It's possible you might have run in to me on metafilter, landoverbaptist.net, or the dwarf fortress forums.  Just guessing that's where there might be some intersection with any of y'all.

Read about NB via the paper and dropped by on Saturday.  Just scouted around.  It looks really cool to me.  I want to learn more.

I'm hoping that somebody would be willing to give me a guided tour-- I'm not totally sure about what's personal property and what isn't, or protocol for playing with stuff.  Right now, I'm most interested in learning some metalworking stuff.  I want to try my hand at jewelry.  I think making a pen is a good beginning project.  Anybody in the middle of any metalworking projects?  Anybody who wouldn't mind me watching and asking questions?

I imagine you're drowned in new people with new ideas right now.  Taking a quick look around the place, I thought of a couple of things I could do that would make it cooler:

1) A portfolio of stuff people have made, along with contact info/ltd biographies.  The idea would be that people could browse it to get ideas, and to figure out who to contact when they needed help with a project.

2) A negative air-flow booth for doing things like spray painting or grinding nasty materials.  This'd probably take a couple of days to make, but would require a little discussion (run a vent through the space?  Dump to outside air, which would probably be okay, or dump to filter?)

If anybody thinks these are exciting ideas, let me know, and I'll figure out how to do them (I'm not going to bother if nobody'd really care).

And, seeing the Adventure discussion, I wanted to point all y'all to this article by Julian Dibbell (fairly well-known tech journalist and author) on Adventure.  It's long been a favorite of mine:


Thanks for making something awesome.


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