[Noisebridge-discuss] Cisco 1200 AP help needed for robot

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Feb 5 05:35:59 UTC 2011

So you may have noticed that the robot doesnt get out much...

mostly this is because right now the robot's connection to the world is a 
crappy RTL wireless card that's a USB dongle.  And it overheats.

But we have these nice Cisco 1200 access point thingies which apparently 
can be configured for use as a client - and i figured out how to power 
them but I don't know how to set them up as an AP.  They have a serial 
port for configuring them but thats about all i know.

The robot runs a PC running Ubuntu so it shouldn't be too hard to get it 
to work, but i have no idea where to begin.

Is someone willing to try to get one of the Cisco 1200's to work as a 
client bridge for the robot?  I will do all of the wiring up of power and 
such, but in the meantime you can just plug it into one of the POE boxes 
that have been modified to have the proper polarity for Cisco (opposite of 
3Com of course)


P.S. it would be ok to throw on a decent USB wifi thing if it works better 
than the current one, but the cisco hardware is the correct solution i 

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