[Noisebridge-discuss] desktop publishing software / noisebridge publishing

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 17:11:08 UTC 2011

some of you, like danny, have a background in publishing.  what's the 
standard in desktop publishing software these days?  is there a 
cross-platform standard?

also, if anybody wants to work with me in writing copy for a noisebridge 
tri-fold flyer, I think that's a simple project we can get done in a 
week.  it would be excellent to have the flyer on the reception desk 
that can be distributed to first-time visitors to the space.  we can 
print batches of them as-needed on the new color laser printer.

i also have another project i'm going to work on.  it's called "My First 
Circuit Hacking".  Its a kid's book introducing all the different types 
of electronic components (capacitors/resistors/regulators/l.e.d.'s) and 
equipment (soldering irons/multimeters/etc).  the book will be sold for 
a $1 dollar donation to noisebridge at circuit-hacking mondays.


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