[Noisebridge-discuss] giant valentines party with hacked visuals

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Feb 12 01:29:20 UTC 2011

so it might be a stretch to post here about an unfree party on valentines 
day, but i have encountered an exception and can continue;

at this party will be a projection of an nine hour video made by an 
automated script written by my friend Mike, with some of the work done at 
Noisebridge.  The script grabs content that is appropriate from youtube 
and then chops up the scenes and rearranges them... for nine hours...
We are also working on a special live addition to the visuals...

the party starts at 9:23PM, will cost about $10 per person, and will 
feature several rooms of excellent music, depending on your taste.
There are a couple of spaces which are outside but fenced in where it is 
safe to hang out if you want fresh air and conversation as well.
I will post the lineup for rooms 1 and 2 at the end of this message.

anyway the flyer and party information is front and center on

basically it says "call 510-400-4839 the nite of the party for info"

and here's just the fliyer:

----forwarded message----
O.k guys, the party is just two or three days away. This line-up looks
super bad-ass. Now please...Bring It!!!!!

Main Room

Camilatron          9-9:45
Ezra                9:45-10:30
Marco               10:30-11:15
Dj .000000001       11:15-12:00
Jay                 12:00-12:45
d-benny             12:45-1:30
droid               1:30-2:15
ripley              2:15-3:00
Dsyn                3:00-3:45
Exillon             3:45-4:30
MSG                 4:30-5:15
Spukkin Faceship    5:15-6:00
The BE-1 Show       6:00-??:??

Side Room

Fishstix         9:00-9:45
Heartworm        9:45-10:30
Fire aT work     10:30-11:15
Yeshua           11:15-12:00
Scott Arfford    12:00-12:45
DjinXX           12:45-1:30
Dimentia         1:30-2:15
seppuku          2:15-3:00
rtype            3:00-3:45
theorna          3:45-4:15
victor vankman   4:15-4:45
wmx              4:45-5:15
crackHouse       5:15-??:??

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