[Noisebridge-discuss] There are Two Common Bikes. Also, they're being threatened. Who is threatening them? Why??? (and other ramblings)

Isky Wordsworth dejaepu at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 02:12:33 UTC 2011

The two bikes have a sign threatening to disappear them [if they aren't
argued about for hours/weeks/years on the disc list].
They are both fully functional and very fun. I maintain them. and I love
them. They've been there for months.

I ought to have labeled what used to be my green bike (bike #1) upon
recovering it. Both it and the red bike are commonly used (obviously not in
the last couple weeks) bikes by me and many people I know. Ask me to
introduce you! *If anyone wants to borrow either of them ask me about it and
i'll give you access to a bike lock (because i guard the key) that fits
around them both! *Take your visiting friend from out of town for a ride!
Get yourself a burrito from a more delicious taqueria far away, etc!! Drive
by Isky's house and throw eggs/other passive aggressive crap.

I am tired of having this discussion with everyone, their passiveness makes
me aggressive, sorry about that! Should have posted more sooner!

"But they're taking up space"
That wall is empty almost 28.5 out of every 30 days (5MoF and a very
occasional member meeting might fill it). 4 near people in the space just
agreed with me about this.

"But you can't leave your crap here"
They're not mine, I'm sheparding them because nobody else in the space/on
the list ever seems to know what's going on. And i like riding bikes.

"But Isky sucks, is a horrible person; smells like Satan; blows me off a
lot; gives too many hugs and should be shunned publicly on the internet."

in SPOT number one, there is a HALF BIKE that hasnt been touched since i
first INVADED noisebridge.
Why doesn't that POS have a sign on it? Are you blind? why does that thing
deserve to be on the rack?
its been there LONGER than either of the two in question

<3 you Noisebridge. Even Patrick.

p.s. if this wasn't a hate crime at all, please disregard and ignore my
defensive/paranoid party cow i've just had. :)

p.s.s. Also, i'm really glad people are going around cleaning things up and
checking on stuff a lot lately! I'm sorry if you've ever felt like I'm in
your way. I didn't mean to be! I would like to encourage everyone to open
conversation with me (and everyone else)! If it's hard, don't give up! I'm
always open and don't hold longstanding grudges/opinions. If i'm being rude,
please take a breath and tell me, i will do everything in my power to adapt
my speech to be more accommodating! I love you! Also if anybody has been
secretly mean to me (i.e. hiding my shit?!?!?! or talking about me on the
list like you know anything about me while you've only ever spent hours
speculating/worrying about how much you hate the moments you've spent NOT
interacting with me) because they need a hug. Ask me for a hug! If you don't
want to touch me we can hug through a blanket/piece of foam! If you want to
hug someone else, ask me to hook you up! Most of my associates LOVE TO HUG.

NB(and hackers spaces in general) needs more Hugs. Drama/P.A. is SOOOO 2010.

sorry if you think any of this was irrelevant, the fewer posts on the list
the better :)
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