[Noisebridge-discuss] lets move Noisebridge "courtship rituals" to the meeting agenda?

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 09:18:20 UTC 2011

Hi to all!
I'm sorry that anyone from Noisebridge males got in to the situation like that, 
well somebody had to be the first (if Patric was the first of course, I doubt 
that). First of all it should be handled as many core people suggested before: 

- discuss in person - one to one, if he/she does not break
- discuss in person - many on one, if he/she still holds
- discuss on the meeting - everyone against everyone - after that it is on the 
list anyway so 


The method above was used on me with some modifications when I've been 
investigated in Cuba and I can tell it works great!

As a European I would like to say that I've been afraid that something like this 
can happen to me too, especially with the kitchen full of attractive girls all 
around me. It did not (or I do not know of that, except that Danish girl and she 
thought that I'm a gay so I guess that justify, and that group sex party (out of 
Noisebridge) which nearly happened and it looks like that no one was offended 
either - what a pity it would be a great one) and when I see what is happening 
I'm very grateful that it is not me. To be absolutely honest I do not really got 
this sexual harassment very well because it is very hard to say what has 
happened in most of the cases and it can be very easily manipulated, most of the 
time against males (who are most of the time the true culprits) or it is just 
misunderstood. I like Europe in this, if you put the hand on the wrong place, 
the "victim" doesn't die but rather puts swiftly her hand on your cheek, you 
apologise quickly and sheepishly retreat - it did not happen to me in person, 
but that is the common case. One makes mistakes and it is good to have some 
buffering zone which is wider than "nothing x 5 years for sexual harassment (for 
let say verbal abuse meaning that you have tried to invite her to the cafe). I'm 
making it sound bit more easy but to be honest that is how it is taken in Europe 
most of the time and it seems to work quite fine for both sexes.  Of course we 
are talking about courting and both sexes has their rights which has to be 
respected if they call for them, no question about that. 

I would suggest to cool it down, discuss it as mentioned above and after that 
make clear that it will be on the next meeting with hopefully all people 
involved present. And who really like DRAMA should certainly attend and he/she 
would have enough at least for a month, guaranteed!     

Otherwise I would recommend to Patric to lightly zoom out from the discussion 
list and do things more in "private" (meaning his active involvement in 
Noisebridge)  posting once or twice per day and wait once the situation cools 



PS I'm reacting on Glen's email because it was my favourite in whole discussion 
and quite to the point. Which remind me that I'm still owing a full body massage 
to Glen and Miloh ... :-)))  

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On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 11:01 AM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com>wrote:

> safety in numbers. i flirt with all women. we're all acting like silly kids
> on a playground.

Awesome! As a gay man, I flirt with all men.... So... wanna come play in my
sandbox? The weather is nice :)

> only because you asked, by my count of regular women at noisebridge,
> there's:
> 1 i sent two emails, an offer to hookup then an offer to be friends

Hey, Rachel's sausage comment got me all turned on. Can we talk about
sausages ;)  If not, we can be friends.. with benefits.. *nudge* *nudge*
*wink* *wink* (Monte Python skit ;)

1 i sent a joking email after she kept showing up at the top of my facebook
> "People You May Know"

Hey, I noticed this about you too! How cool! I think it's because we know a
lot of the same people at Noisebridge.. Cool, you're top of my face book
page too ;) ;)  ;)  ;)  ;)

> 1 i offered to share a blanket

Hey, I'd offer to share a blanket with you *anytime* ;)

> 1 i drove to school

I'd love to "drive" you to school ;) ;)  ;)

1 i called a "hot chick"

Hey, hot is hot, right.. So, what you doin' right now? hmmm hmmm ;)

> 1 i offered to be really good friends

I'd love to be really good friends.. we can even have benefits... ya know...
*nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

> 1 i told to fuck off

Now, I wouldn't do this to you. Who would?!?  Come on....

> Does any of that make me a creepy old man like Charles Bukowski? Your guess
> is as good as mine.

That's silly... I'm sure you aren't creeped out by messages like this..

> This conversation, along with the birds, bees, and beautiful weather
> outside all remind me its spring.

Yes, it is... spring has sprung... *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

So, what are you doing today? ;)

Sausage Boy....
Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter

-- Goethe
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