[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for a room near BART.

Viona Jynn Louie hi at jynnter.net
Mon Feb 28 20:35:01 UTC 2011

Oi Noisebridgers,

I thought I'd shoot an email out since I've seen a few re: open rooms and
room seekers. My needs are relatively simple: I need a place within walking
distance to BART in a relatively quiet and/or safe neighborhood, roommates
that aren't batshit insane, and a clean place to live. My budget is under
$800/mo including utilities. Cheaper? Better.

I'm not too picky about the location, as long as it's not in any Scary
Oaklands parts. Walking distance means a few blocks away to me and the
station should be ~30 mins via BART to Downtown San Francisco. I'm open to
East Bay, South Bay, and San Francisco neighborhoods. I work late and have
pepper spray, but rather not have to watch my back for raep on the way

I am not smoking or drug friendly. I've already had a roommate with a
drinking problem, another who smoked too much, and other batshit insane
ones. I keep my area clean, clean up after myself, pay bills on time, and
don't need to be buddies with you. Just need some responsible, clean, and
friendly roommates.

Please let me know if you have a place for me or know of one. Move-in date
is very flexible, but hope to find one within the next month or so.


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