[Noisebridge-discuss] MacBook + Powerbooks in Turing Classroom

meredith scheff satiredun at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 20:44:06 UTC 2011

I believe the air belongs to jason dusek.

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 5:43 PM, Brian Morris <cymraegish at gmail.com> wrote:

> Don't know if these are donated or up for grabs. MacBook air has been
> sitting there for 3 weeks, iBook maybe 4 or 5 weeks.
> The Macbook air had a copy of an installer DVD cloned to the hard drive
> (like the hd was the dvd), wanted to install over itself on boot up and then
> complained that it couldn't do that (I wonder why). I booted it off a backup
> of my MacBook and it ran ok. I copied an image of the installer dvd clone
> but I need a dual layer dvd to burn it (not sure it will boot even so) --
> which would then have to be mounted on another mac sharing the dvd to it to
> install it I think. My backup drive is 10.5 the installer is 10. 6; IMHO
> this original MB air may not work all that well but maybe someone wants it
> or actually owns it and wants help ?
> Please let me know a) if you are owner of MB Air and want help to fix it or
> b) you claim it as abandoned and want help or want me to leave it alone...
> Then that older iBookG3 has mac 10.3 panther (2003) on it, it is the more
> modern white one (there is also a really badly beatup clamshell with 0S9),
> could run Debian I could put it on or someone could claim it and put it on,
> Debian on this machine actually will run pretty well. There are some tricks
> to getting powerpc install but I use the netbook desktop and it is good,
> Gnome is not so good probably. Maybe a good durable machine to start with
> Linux for somebody.
> Then there is that ancient iMac there in the corner, that was me. Proof
> that new Linux can run even on a 12 year old machine and you can do some
> basic work even.
> Actually the MB Air can try Linux too, either natively or by virtual box.
> Powermac can't run VBox but they can run MacOS inside Linux natively with
> MacOnLinux...
> Anybody wants to get together on hacking OS on Macs any age (well lets say
> 3years or older, that is no OpenCL  support or 64bit boot) and aspect I am
> open.
> I have first and last g4 powerbooks running Debian Squeeze, a g3 with
> Ubuntu10 and a Macbook with DebianAMD-64 in Virtual Box - too many...
> Brian
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