[Noisebridge-discuss] Missing Green Bike /w Red Grips.

rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 01:15:32 UTC 2011

I found isky's computer. Some asshole thought it would be funny to hide it
in a pile of fabric.

Yes, I said asshole. In person I swear like a sailor but on the archived
internet I try to talk more formally. However, I think that taking & hiding
someone's things to be funny not only isn't, it makes you a fucking jerk.

On Feb 2, 2011 3:01 PM, "Frantisek Apfelbeck" <algoldor at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi to all!
> Computer missing first, bicycle few days later on. That is very, very
> for Noisebridge. I think that we should pay attention to this, because one
> the virtues of Noisebridge is that things are generally missing within the
> but not leaving it. I would like to ask to fallow this and it would be
nice if
> Isky and others could report on the development in days to come, this
should be
> sorted out. I believe that this is important. It may be a sign which we
> not overlook. What do you think? It is a bit hard to feel the atmosphere
> distance.
> Sincerely,
> Frantisek
> PS Check out that that giant robot is not a bit more mobile now, just to
be sure
> ...
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> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Missing Green Bike /w Red Grips.
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> Has anybody seen my bike? His name is Christ. Now he's missing too.
> Dissapeared today or yesterday. He's of rather crucial
> functional/sentimental value to me.
> If someone donated him away that's ok but tell me now so I can go find
> None of the people who occasionally borrow him (because he's a common bike
> when i leave him here) know where he is.
> Did someone take/borrow/throw him out?
> Please email me if you know his whereabouts. I really need him back soon.
> He was in rack slot 3 or 4 when he was taken. My Ulock was left on the
> floor.
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