[Noisebridge-discuss] win scratch-off lotteries: an easier, more reliable way

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Feb 3 14:13:28 UTC 2011

I was both heartened and grossed-out by your post.  Don't get me wrong, i 
eat out of the garbage literally every day, but I am generally not into 
eating food that has been gnawed on by strangers.  Unless i'm hungry.

My house has about 15-20 people in it usually, and about 90% of the food 
eaten here comes from the dumpsters of supermarkets.  This isn't 
half-eaten meals though, we're talking boxes of produce, fruits, bags of 
loaves of bread, unopened cheese, yogurts, milk, zillions of eggs and tons 
of meat.. and way too much "crAck" i.e. cookies cakes pies etc.

And recently, all the dumpstering has been on bicycle-cart.

Is it hacking?  I consider it hacking of capitalism, which throws away 
food not because it's spoiled or even expired, but simply because having 
too much food on the shelves suggests that prices should be lower. 
Hundreds of eggs in the dumpster - unexpired - because it's thursday and 
the truck is here with new eggs and milk and who would buy the old stuff 
when there's new stuff in front of it?

i'm still laughing about the cheese thing.  fancy aged cheese - AGED 
cheese that was aged for YEARS and then sits in the deli for a few weeks 
and has to be thrown out because it's too old.  Oh but it's so good.


lilia said:

You beat me to the punch Sai, but put another way,

An easier way to [get things to eat] is to just get big boxes of them from 
around the dumpsters at convenience stores. The [rich] people buy most of 
those [things], but they're so used to [not starving] that they 
ridiculously buy them, [eat] off part of the [food], assume [no one wants 
the rest], and throw them away. If you get big boxes of them from by the 
dumpsters at convenience stores, you can take them home and finish 
[eat]ing them off. I personally had a friend that did this and 
consistently [consumed] several thousand [calories] a [day] just by taking 
the time to sit and [eat] off the thrown-away [foodstuffs]. People 
routinely throw away [food items] that provide 500 [calories] or more.

But is it hacking?

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