[Noisebridge-discuss] noisebridge sticker re-order comments

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Sun Feb 6 23:23:39 UTC 2011

Would noisebridge static clings be awesome?  It looks like they are 
between $.30 and $.50 a piece, depending on order size.

On 2/4/11 4:17 PM, Patrick Keys wrote:
> Yeah, I know this is up for discussion at Tuesday's meeting... But I
> wanna go ahead and state that I think we should not re-order the black
> and white stickers.  The red is eye-catching and also part of the
> Noisebridge logo.  Also, just look around Noisebridge: nobody really
> uses the black and white stickers.
> I also think it would be a good idea to design a new "Property of
> Noisebridge" sticker.  People routinely put the Noisebridge sticker on
> anything donated to Noisebridge.  The problem with that, though, is that
> many people also proudly put the Noisebridge sticker on their own stuff.
>    So a new "Property of Noisebridge" sticker is justified to distinguish
> what belongs to Noisebridge.
> Patrick
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