[Noisebridge-discuss] You and your pretty little Consensus Process too.

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Tue Feb 8 16:07:28 UTC 2011

Through open and creative communication and real synergetic win-win communication they decide to pack lunches and have a picnic on the beach. It was the best time they had in a while for lunch. 

Thus happened because they talked enough to realize they needed to ask why they wanted to have lunch together. It wasn't about the food they or others ate. Instead it was about spending time together. They realized it was about a creative third solution and threw the restaurant restriction out.


El Feb 7, 2011, a las 11:29 PM, Molly Bee <mountainoceansky at hotmail.com> escribió:

> I've never seen "consensus" in action without compromise.
> Although consensus is treating the ultimate goal of "perfection" as a verb rather than a noun, I don't see a perfect outcome for all parties involved as a viable outcome. In fact, outside of one person, you immediately start compromising. (yes, yes, and inside of one person it's too dark to read. (By the way, I want to make sure you know that Aspberger's is a form of autism, not a hygiene issue)).
> I fear that there does !exist a non-compromised result from a consensus process with limited possible outcomes (e.g.: /yes/ or /no/). Gratuitous Example: Abraham, Briza, Cameron, Dormouse, and Evillyn all want to "do" lunch at a restaurant together (it MUST BE THE SAME restaurant, they all vehemently agree). Abraham is a Jain fruititarian; Briza (a neo-Wiccan) is a pure carnivore; Cameron is a Jewslim and keeps both Kosher and Halal (as well as having a wheat allergy and an aversion to tomatoes, celery, corn, and peanuts... though tree nuts are okay as long as they don't touch each other on his plate); Dormouse (a recovering Jack Mormon, not that it matters) is lactose belligerent, is trying to limit his sugar due to a threat of Type 2 diabetes running rampant in his prodigious family, and avoids legumes and dark green leafy veggies with a high nitrogen level just in case that pain in his leg is the early onset of gout; and of course Evillyn, the agnostic cowgirl punk rocker, finds it difficult to eat at all, not in front of people, at least, and when she feels so sick that she absolutely must eat, she prefers to devour a carrot in slow motion, dipping it into a mound of sugar in the palm of her hand. So these five all go out to find a place to eat together, but as circumstance would have it, they are all in Toadsuck Texas, and their only choices are Seafood World, Ye Olde Frozen Yogurt Joint, or Tongue in Cheek, a shabby establishment run by two lesbian Italian women who serve prosciutto over everything, house rules. Clearly, the only choice they can all agree on, in a perfect world with all possible options, in a place like San Francisco far away from the muted hullabaloo of Toadsuck, is lunch from an outdoor fountain dispensary of fresh UNICORN STALLION RAINBOW URINE! But where to find such a delicacy?! And is urine, then, willingly given, a proper foodstuff for a devout Jain? And is it meat enough to feed a carnivore? Is it blessed by both a Rabbi and an Imam? Does it have a low glycemic index? What is the caloric value? And what if everyone except Dormouse suddenly said fuckit, let's get fro-yo. Should the others gorge on frozen yogurt tasties while Dormouse sullenly sulks, skulking in the doorway? And what kind of meal is that anyway...
> What Would Jesus Eat?!
> So I've watched the "consensus process" unfold in many a hippie hideout, and I'm pretty much disenchanted with Utopian politics in general. In the end, there is always someone scamming the system, taking without giving, and the others need to lay out goundrules for the community as a whole, else they inevitably disband, seeking their Utopia of Uno Mismo, each for the non-compromise of his/her/ver own self.
> ciao bambinos,
> Molly
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