[Noisebridge-discuss] Please no disassemble RoboPiper

Jonathan Foote jtfoote at ieee.org
Tue Feb 8 21:51:59 UTC 2011

Very cool. Good reminder to bring earplugs.

Just a note that if you or anyone else has cool stuff you want to show
off at Robogames, I can hook you up with the organizers.

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 12:12 PM, Lamont Lucas <lamont at cluepon.com> wrote:
> On 2/8/11 12:03 PM, Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> I love your robot bagpiper project and am pleased to hear about further
>> development!
>> Perhaps your robot bagpiper might join with other NB robotic musicians
>> and put on a performance someday?
> I'm glad to eventually join the NB symphony.  In retrospect, I should
> have tackled a robotic version of an instrument I was actually familiar
> with.  All of the problems I had with this were related to air-flow, and
> most of those problems were due to a really, really cheap set of
> bagpipes that I purchased off of ebay.  But I met someone at RoboGames
> who'd made their own piper and their offset wheel bicycle pump air
> controller was so brilliant that I'm going to blatantly steal it.
> I'll keep nb-discuss informed as to my progress and I'm sure it's only a
> matter of time before people in the dirty shop are complaining about the
> noise from poorly tuned bagpipes.
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