[Noisebridge-discuss] Arduino Buying Tips?

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We also have Volksduinos.  The functionality of BoArduino and Volksduino are exactly the same as Duemilenove with ATmega328 -- with the exception that you needn an FTDI cable.  The BoArduino has a smaller form factor than the Duemilenove, since it is designed to be used in a solderless breadboard.  The Volksduino has the exact same form factor as the Duemilenove.
I also have some Diavolino kits at home, made by Evil Mad Scientist, which is also exactly the same as the Duemilenove functionally, except without the FTDI cable, and without the 5v regulator (which you don't need if you will be running it from batteries (three AA batteries) or from your computer's USB power.
The tradeoffs of USB with the Arduino and clones:
     Clones usually do not have a USB chip, since they are expensive.  So, if you dedicate your Aduino (with a USB chip) to a project, you are essentially wasting that USB chip, since it is only used to program the Arduino.  But, if you buy a clone without the USB chip, you need an FTDI cable, which has the USB chip in it (FTDI is the name of the company that makes these USB chips, and they sell the cable that has the chip in it, this is why the cable is called "FTDI cable").  However, you only need one FTDI cable for all of your projects, and it works on all Arduino clones, plus lots of other DIY projects (which often do not have a USB chip).

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> Mitch already has Boarduinos for sale, so you can conveniently get one 
> Monday night. Miloh also has one or two inexpensive "prolific hookup" 
> cables that he may part with that are less expensive than the FTDI 
> usb-to-serial cables. Whatever arduino or clone you go with, you'll 
> need some sort of usb-to-serial cable to program it.
> Patrick
> On 2/21/2011 1:52 AM, Jared Dunne wrote:
> > Hi All-
> >
> > Any warnings or tips for a first time Arduino buyer?
> >
> > I was currently considering either the Arduino UNO or Arduino
> > Duemilanove w/ ATmega328. They seem like the most ubiquitous options.
> > I like that there are all sorts of shields designed for them. I like
> > that I can just use a standard USB cable for power/programming. I
> > don't have any specific project requirements, but I'd like something
> > that is versatile enough, so I will be able to use it for a variety of
> > ideas without hitting too many limitations.
> >
> > Does it matter if I get the newer UNO versus the Duemilanove
> > ATmega328? Is there something altogether different I should be
> > considering?
> >
> > I have considered the Boarduino/Volksduino kit but would prefer
> > something I can start hacking with out of the box.
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any advice!
> >
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