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Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Wed Feb 23 02:59:56 UTC 2011

Any pictures of the sweet ass RC car so I may ID it?  Anyone wanna compete
in the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition?  I have sweet ass RC cars,
but if one arrived at the space, it would be a fun project.


On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 2:28 PM, Simon C. Ion <ion.simon.c at gmail.com> wrote:

> Two kind folks (whose names I have forgotten, alas) stopped by today with
> some donations for Noisebridge. They seemed pretty impressed with the
> MakerBot, the electron microscope and the robotic wheelchair. (Does the SEM
> work? If not, these kind folks know someone who might be able to help us fix
> it.)
> They donated:
> A sweet-ass RC car
> A CloneSafe Validator
> A boat-load of motors
> A Dremel
> Various battery holders
> A line-following robot
> Two Powershot (S400 and S410) Canon cameras. (The cameras seem to work, but
> the LCD screen on the S400 is broken.) Also, there is only one battery pack
> between the two of them.
> I've put the cameras in the darkroom. The remainder of the donations are in
> two boxes in the taped-off donation square.
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